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Who We Are

Set in the picturesque mountain mecca of Southeastern BC, Purcell Digital Media draws from surreal surroundings to produce multimedia marketing tools worthy of big city, big ticket design houses. And here's the kicker: we do it all with a level of personal service you can only find in a small mountain town.

You will find it's easy to work with Purcell Digital. From web site design to graphic design, branding to corporate communications, whether you're next door or on the other side of the world we're here to help.

Purcell Digital lives the work we love. Sound strange? It shouldn't. How better to understand our clients in the tourism industry than to spend our free time riding, rafting, hiking, fishing, skiing or traveling? We live in your market - heck, we are your market and we can leverage that lifestyle into superb and effective design.

Call us on it.

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Toll Free: 1.877.373.6121 | Fax: 1.877.373.6121 | Email: design@purcelldigital.com
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