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The Purcell Digital Website Questionnaire
1.0 | Overview

Welcome! Before preparing a meaningful quotation, we need an accurate idea of its size, scope, and nature. This online form will act as an interview to help us determine the critical factors in your proposed project.

Kindly answer them to the best of your ability, upon completion, this form will be sent automatically to Purcell Digital Media. We will respond with a quotation including recommended solutions based on the answers you provide.

We appreciate your taking time to answer these questions as completely as you can. Naturally, skip any questions that don’t pertain to your project.

2.0 | Contact information
Company Name: Location:
Contact Name: Phone Number:
Address: Fax Number:
  Email Address:
2.1 | Who, besides you, is/will be responsible for guiding this project to launch and completion? (Include names and titles if applicable.)


3.0 | Your Business
3.1 | Describe your organization in one short paragraph
3.2 | Do you have an existing site? If so, what is its web address?
  We do NOT have a website
We DO have an existing website
Website Address:
3.3 | Describe the concept, product, or service this website is intended to provide or promote.
3.4 | What industry does your business belong to? (Example: Adventure Outfitting / Tourism )
3.5 | How would you gauge the importance of a website to the development of your business?
4.0 | Design Specifications
4.1 | Are you interested in redesigning an existing website or creating a new website?
Interested in designing a new site
We DO have an existing website

4.2 | Describe services your site does not provide (but you wish it would). For example, a feedback form, or other website feature.


4.3 | What measures will you use to gauge the project’s success? (For example, monitoring weekly or monthly web statistics to detect increased usage, or monitoring user feedback through email to determine satisfaction.)

4.4 | Do you have any existing branding such as brochures, logos, or stationary?
We do NOT have any existing company branding
We DO have logos and stationary developed
4.5 | If you do NOT have any branding developed would you like Purcell Digital to quote on this as well?
Yes, quote on branding development
No, do not quote on branding development
4.6 | Do you have a particular color scheme or flavour to the site you would like us to use as a reference?
4.7 | Using adjectives and short phrases, describe the site’s desired look and feel. (“Easy to look at, edgy, classic, up-to-date, crisp, modern, traditional, understated,” etc.)
4.8 | Describe in as few sentences or words as possible the feelings you wish your site to evoke, and the brand attributes you want it to convey. (Sample feelings might include: warmth, friendliness, reassurance, comfort, or excitement. Sample brand attributes might include caring, honesty, humor, professionalism, intelligence, technological savvy, sophistication, reliability, and trustworthiness.)
4.9 | In number of pages, what is the approximate estimated size of your site? (Twelve carefully designed portfolio pages? Thousands of pages delivered by a content management system?)
4.10 | Does your website involve dynamic content? Dynamic content such as database applications, shopping carts, or web based management systems. If so please outline below.
4.11 | Do you have a budget in mind for this project?
  We do NOT have a budget
We DO have a budget
Website Budget:
4.12 | Do you have a registered domain name? If so please enter the URL (www.yourdomain.com)
4.13 | Do you currently have a hosting package? If so, please provide details about who presently hosts your website.
5.0 | Planning and Web Strategy
5.1 | Do you know of any other website which you will be competing with directly?
5.2 | Please list a few similar websites which you felt were well done.
5.3 | What did you like about these websites?
5.4 | Has your site undergone any form of usability testing? If so, please describe the methods and findings
5.5 | To the best of your ability, describe the primary and secondary users of your Website. (For example, on the site of a library website would be the library users and the secondary users could be the librarians.)
Primary User
Secondary User:
5.6 | Do your users have any specific needs or requirements?
5.7| Please list between 10 - 20 keywords or keyphrases that you think your site should be listed under.

6.0 | Deadlines

6.1 | When would you like to received a quote back from Purcell Digital?
6.2 | Is your website's content already prepared? If not, how soon do you anticipate having it ready?
6.3 | When would you like to start working on this project?
6.4 | If you’re working within a strict time frame, or have a mandatory launch date, list it here.
Thankyou for taking the time to fill out our website questionaire, we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. If you have any further questions regarding our services, please contact us

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